Top 5 Reasons to Visit Next Step Pregnancy Services

There is confidence and strength in making an informed decision and there are many things to consider and think about when you are experiencing an untimely pregnancy.  At Next Step, we can help you with many of the things you are wondering about. Check out the top 5 reasons to visit us before you decide:

  1.  Our services are completely confidential. At Next Step, we strive to help women with their situation. We understand that each woman is facing different obstacles and we are here to assist you at this time in your life. Please know that everything we talk about and anything you want us to know is confidential to the fullest extent possible. You are safe talking to us.
  2. We provide judgement-free, medically accurate services in a professional, yet friendly setting. At Next Step, we want to help you in every way we can.
  3. All of our services are FREE. Along with our pressure-free environment, we want to make sure every woman has access to our services, no matter their financial situation or insurance. And, we don’t make any money based on your decision.
  4. We can confirm a viable pregnancy. When looking for an abortion, it is important to know your pregnancy is viable. Our licensed medical staff is here to perform a diagnostic medical ultrasound to provide you with all the information that you need.
  5. Our nurses can answer all your questions that you might have regarding pregnancy, including: pregnancy options, abortion information, sex, contraception and really anything that’s on your mind. 

You are intelligent, strong and bold. You can overcome anything that life throws your way. YOU GOT THIS!