What can a Pregnancy Resource Center do for me?

O.k. so you’ve think you might be pregnant. What next? When you think about what comes next after realizing you may be pregnant – what comes to mind? Your family? Money? Housing? Your partner? Your plans? Medical Insurance? Diapers? Giving birth?! The list goes on and on. So what’s next?

What can a Pregnancy Center do for you? A lot! A pregnancy center is here for you. Listening, sharing, encouraging. A pregnancy center is made up of individuals who are here to serve. To serve with accurate pregnancy testing, counseling, and early OB ultrasounds. Ultrasounds you are able and encouraged to look at.

A pregnancy center is here to give. Give you help, services, resources, and contacts. It can be an overwhelming and scary time. The mission of a pregnancy service center like Next Step is to care for women and families who need help. Not for money, or to preach. Not to demand things of you. It does not matter if you are married, single, or ‘it’s complicated’. Whether your a first time mom or it’s old hat. Whether you are alone or with support. Whether you attend church or do not. Whether you were born here or have come here from another home. Whether you move forward with parenting or choose another option.

We are here to help women and families who need us. Period.