What resources does Next Step offer besides pregnancy testing?

According to King Five’s Eric Wilkinson in an article he wrote, “One in four people will need help getting enough to eat as the Pandemic drags on.” (Wilkinson E, May 21st2020, https://www.king5.com).

Additionally, according to Eric Wilkinson (2020), “Statewide, the need for food has doubled to more than 1.5 million people since the start of the pandemic.”

While Next Step may not cover all of a families’ food needs’ we do offer baby formula and food free of charge. Thanks to the generosity of the community Next Step often has several kinds of formula, cereal and rice, and canned food for infant, babies and toddlers.

Next Step also offers resources such as contacts, addresses, and websites for local food banks and other local programs offering food and supplies for families in need.

Everyone needs help sometimes. Next Step provides confidential, patient, and caring support for your needs. Whether it’s a pregnancy test, diapers and formula, or a referral to the many local programs geared toward helping families stay healthy and safe during this time and any time there is a need. You are never alone in this. There is always help for those who seek it out.