Introducing the Best and Worst parts of Pregnancy!

Best: Stretchy Pants! They will become your best friend. They are easy to put on from week 8 to week 40. They are comfy cozy. They relieve pressure on the expanding belly. And my favorite – they keep your tummy warm.

Worst: Peeing. All the time. Every day. Every night. Why? Your blood is flowing faster through your kidneys now and filling up your bladder not to mention your new little roommate is bouncing up and down on your bladder like it is the world’s smallest trampoline. Adult diapers anyone?

Best: People are nicer! They are, for real, for some reason. People hold doors for you. They smile at you. They offer to carry things for you. They think it is cute when you eat a bunch ice cream straight from the carton.

Worst: Unwelcome belly touches! For some reason, some people think when you are pregnant it gives then carte blanche to touch your belly. Why? No! Weird….

Best: Using your stomach as a table! Yup. The “how long can I balance my plate of nachos on my tummy before I have to hold it” game.

Worst: Swelling! My feet were like large German sausages near the end. Big cozy socks were helpful but get ready for your feet, ankles, and calves to balloon up. Stretches help and luckily it is not for long typically.

Best: Your hair has never looked and felt better, silkier, softer, fuller!

Worst: You cannot bend over so if you drop something, that is where it lives.

Best: Ultrasounds: Pictures of your baby! You can see his head, his hands and toes, his little nose and mouth. His heartbeat can be seen/heard as early as 18 days in. And at 7 weeks – you can see and feel him hiccup! Which is adorable. And at about 20 weeks you may be able to see if you will have a little boy or a little girl. There is truly nothing like it.

Worst: The entire last month of pregnancy. You are hot. You are big. You have not seen your feet in a long while. You cannot sleep more than a few minutes before you either have to pee or have to roll over which takes a lot of rocking back and forth.

Best: You can feel your baby move! There are no words to describe this awesomeness. It is like a little drum and a tickle from the inside. Kind of. But one thing is for certain – he is there and alive and wants to meet you! Playing music makes him wiggle. Singing makes him rock. Hearing your voice lulls him peacefully to sleep.

Worst: Labor. For some. It can be long and arduous. Or short and spastic. It can be painful, and it is emotional. And you will be exhausted. You may scream. You may cuss (I did!), you may have more than just your OBGYN looking at the business end of you (think nurses, medical students, anesthesiologists….).

Best: But then – it is over. And everything fades and it is just him. Your beautiful baby. Looking at you with huge dark blue eyes (which may or may not change color over time) and there is nothing else in the world.