What’s Your Next Step Going To Be?

It’s amazing how many times we say, or hear, this phrase “My next step is to . . .” or “What’s your next step going to be?” When it comes to being pregnant, you have three possible next steps – to parent, to adopt or to abort – all of which are life-changing steps.

When you think you might be pregnant, the very first step is to find out for certain. A positive pregnancy test is a good indication that you are indeed pregnant, but the only way to confirm a viable pregnancy is to have an ultrasound. Although we don’t perform abortions at Next Step Pregnancy Services, we do provide free diagnostic OB ultrasounds to confirm whether or not a pregnancy is viable. We do this because statistics show that 15-20% of all women with a verified pregnancy will end up having a miscarriage, and if your next step is to have an abortion, you may not have to because your body is spontaneously ending the pregnancy.

So, if you think you might be pregnant, what’s your next step going to be?