Because Sometimes We Just Need A Little Help

Are you wondering what else we do at Next Step besides free pregnancy testing and diagnostic OB ultrasounds?

Next Step is a pregnancy resource center helping with all things baby!

From maternity clothes to potty chairs! Because we know how difficult it can be at times making ends meet ~ and we want to help fill the gap. Besides the more than 5000 diapers a month we give to parents in need, we give away thousands of other items like maternity clothes, baby clothes, formula, strollers – literally everything baby except cribs and car seats and we have referrals to other community agencies if you need one of those!

Why do we do this?

Because we want to help single moms and families. There are not strings attached no classes to take and no income requirements. We figure that if you are here asking for diapers and baby clothes it’s because you need diapers and baby clothes – and you will be treated with kindness and respect.

How do we do this?

We are able to offer these services and supplies, completely free of charge because of donations and support we receive from others in the community – the Lynnwood Food Bank will often donate formula, diapers and baby food, the Lynnwood Senior Center Knitters will often donate beautiful handmade blankets, the Lynnwood Value Village donates lots of bigger items like highchairs, bouncy seats and exersaucers and many local churches have supply drives and bring us carloads of diapers and wipes.

Everything we give away has been given to us.

If you are in need of baby supplies, know someone who is or want to donate to a very good place,  please contact our office!

What Do We Mean When We Say We’re Pro-YOU?

You are a unique individual with ideas, thoughts and dreams all your own. There is no other person alive now, who was alive in the past or that will be born in the future that will replicate your uniqueness. Your story began at the time you were conceived – when your DNA came to life. Of course certain traits were passed on to you from your parents and other family members, but you became you when that DNA was activated!

At Next Step, we know everyone is different and if you don’t want to be pregnant you have your reasons. An unplanned pregnancy brings with it a lot of potential emotions ranging from fear to anger. We are here to listen to you and to help you work through your path. We are pro YOU! Each and every person who walks through our front door is the most important person and no matter what you come in for, you will not be judged, criticized, or tricked.

If you think you might be pregnant and need to know for sure, Next Step Pregnancy Services is a safe place for you to come. All your information is completely confidential and everything is free so nothing will be sent to your (or your parent’s) insurance company either.

Next Step is a unique agency.