Q: I already bought a pregnancy test from the store. Why do I need to come in and be tested with you?

A: Taking a test here and discussing your most recent menstrual cycle will help determine the best time to schedule an ultrasound so that we do not schedule too early and have to do a repeat appointment.  We can also help you with medical insurance, referrals and other questions you may have about your pregnancy.

Q: I had unprotected sex and am worried I could be pregnant. Can I come in today for a pregnancy test?

A: If you become pregnant a test would not show a positive result until roughly 2 weeks after the incident, typically when you would be late or miss your period.  (It takes that much time for the pregnancy hormone to be detected by the test.) 

Q: Can I walk in or do I need an appointment?

A: Scheduling an appointment will guarantee you are seen in a timely manner and that your appointment is scheduled when a nurse is available, if you have medical questions.  It also allows you to do the paperwork via mobile phone.  However, walk-ins are always welcome for pregnancy testing (ultrasound appointments need to be scheduled) and we will accommodate you as best we can. 

Q: How early can I come in for an ultrasound?

A: You need to be at least 6 weeks (based on your LMP - first day of your last menstrual cycle) before we can perform an ultrasound. 

Q: I went to the doctor and found out I was pregnant. Can I come in for an ultrasound at no cost?

A: If you have already had an ultrasound at your doctor’s office and are between 6 and 16 weeks we may be able to offer you a free limited OB ultrasound through our “Model Training Program.”  Contact us to find out more information.​

Q: At how many weeks does Next Step stop offering ultrasounds? Why?

A: We offer ultrasounds between 6-16 weeks of pregnancy.  Our limited early OB ultrasounds only check for whether the pregnancy is in the uterus, whether or not the fetus has a heartbeat, and to determine gestational age of the embryo.  After 16 weeks your doctor will want you to have a more complete ultrasound, and this should be scheduled through your OB doctor.​

Q: Can I come in for an ultrasound to find out the sex of my baby?

A: No, our limited OB ultrasounds do not determine the sex of the baby.  This is typically done around 20 weeks through your doctor. 

Q: Can I have family or friends into the ultrasound room with me?

A: We typically allow 1-2 visitors during the ultrasound exams.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  

Q: Can I get birth control or the morning after pill at Next Step?

A: No, we do not provide nor prescribe either of these options.  We do offer education on Natural Family Planning for clients if they are interested. 

Q: I don't live near Lynnwood, WA. Where can I go to find a pregnancy center near me?

A: Option Line is available 24/7 by calling 1-800-395-HELP.

Visit their website to search for a center in your area that can assist you. 

Q: What do I do if my pregnancy test is positive and I don't have insurance?

A: We can help direct you to local hospital financial assistance programs that are available as well as give you what information you may need to see if you qualify for WA state health assistance. Next Step also offers assistance for limited prenatal care depending on the need and of the state health care and hospital charity care outcomes. 

Q: Do I need to make an appointment to come in for supplies?

A: No, you may come in any time we are open for supplies. 

Q: How often can I come in for diapers and clothes? And what sizes do you offer?

A:  You may come in once per month (every 30 days) for diapers/wipes/formula.  Clothing is available when your child is currently in a size, and we have newborn-2T size clothing. We also occasionally will have larger kid sizes (3t-6t). Please call ahead to check. 

Q: When do you accept donations?

A: Any time we are open - Monday to Friday 10:00am-5:30pm – no appointment needed. 

Q: Are there certain items you cannot accept as a donation?

A: We cannot accept  car seats, unless they are less than 1 year old.  We also cannot accept cribs nor mattresses.  We also ask that all donations be in good, usable condition. 

Q: How do I obtain a copy of my medical records from Next Step for myself or my medical provider?

You can come in to fill out a form and provide a picture ID in order to request medical records. Your medical provider can also directly request records from us via fax.  Our fax number is (425)608-9508.